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T. Blake Sudberry

Hello, my name is Dr. T. Blake Sudberry.  I graduated from Dental school in 1999 from the University of Oklahoma and have been practicing in Ardmore ever since.  Prior to opening Sudberry Dental, I was a partner in Storts and Sudberry Dental practice.


I've been married to Tina since 1996, and we have 3 children, Hunter, Rylee, and Carter.  We attend Christ Community Church and love Jesus very much.


I’m a pretty laid-back person who is usually up to something.  I like to kid around in the office and keep it not too serious.  Certainly, there are plenty of times for serious, but sometimes people need to be able to breathe (especially in a dental office).  This has always been our approach to dentistry.  We feel you can do great work and still have fun doing it.   We see tons of kids in our practice, and they also help keep the mood light.  In our office, you will hear plenty of laughter and cheer.  I personally believe that professionalism has many forms, and in my opinion, if you, the patient, feel comfortable, then things have been handled professionally.

Sudberry Family


Our team makes all the differrence in your experience! 

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